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 Why Talent Remodeling is the New Sexy


Thursday, July 21, 2016 11am-1pm

Sweetwater Event Center


Two idealisms are colliding right now: sustainable profitability in business, and people on a mission to reinvent themselves so they can deliver meaning and value.


The business world is rapidly changing, and finding the right talent who can perform well is a concerning issue. People who are brilliant at a specialized skill recognize their advantage and are gravitating to the highest bidders. HR folks find themselves scrambling to "fill the req," and are simply worn out.


We can continue to focus on immediate business problems and direct all our energy there (only to find that it has changed by the time we get a solution); or we can focus on how to strategically get ahead of the problems by building the future state of business-now.




What if we could stop putting so much focus on external hiring for specialized skills, and turn our attention to the hidden talent in our own "backyard"?


What if we could adapt the "lifelong learner" trend, connecting talent and potential to learning to skill development- in an accelerated amount of time with exponential results?


Angela Nuttle introduces the concept of talent remodeling, and how you can use it to systematically align potential, people, and processes that lead to productive and profitable business results. She will discuss:


  • What talent remodeling is and why it's so appealing.
  • Fast rising talen trends and their impact on people and business- and why our current models of high potential identification don't fit anymore.
  • How to start redefining "talent" so you can help remodel and evolve them.




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